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  1. #1 offers free reselling...?

    I saw this auction on flippa. For lots of reasons, I have no interest in bidding, but it lead me to look at

    Interesting...according to their site, essentially offers free reselling. You can sign up and offer an unlimited number of shared hosting accounts configured for 10GB disk/100GB BW. They sit on top of

    They also offer (for $40/month) an unlimited program (you can host unlimited accounts with unlimited disk/BW for $40/month).

    It looks completely unsustainable, though "" was registered in 2006. No idea how they've been using that model, though, or if the domain has been rebought and repurposed.

    I'm sure that 95% of customers never use more than a few MB disk and GB disk per month. And I know that the ad-supported free hosting concept has been successfully done. But in this case, they're getting ZERO revenue from everyone they host - they're not giving away free web space, but rather giving away free reseller space.

    They claim that due to their "VIP program" (the $40/month) they make more than enough...hmmm...

    I think I'm going to stick to more widely used models personally.

    Anyone have experience with these guys? Just curious.
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    There's no way. Even selling $40/month unlimited reseller is usually unsustainable. And I've run big free hosting business, the upgrade rate is horrible, even for $4-5 plans.
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    Yeah, I'm still wonder, how can they provide Free reselling service and only sustained by the $40/month unlimited program - and claim they make more than enough? I think there must be other income stream/revenue?

    A friend of mine also once provided free hosting services, but the upgrade rate was also far than expected - and he decided to close it down.
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    haha really?

    "This project is completely supported by the dedicated server company, so we do not pay for servers and we are able to offer this service for free! "

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    They don't even provide a secure signup process... That is basic stuff (selling online 101), so they look very amature IMHO. I would not even signup to try their "free" services.
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    The whole concept seem unsustainable at best.

    Quote Originally Posted by quantumphysics View Post
    haha really?

    "This project is completely supported by the dedicated server company, so we do not pay for servers and we are able to offer this service for free! "
    Hmm not sure if they are indeed sponsored by Burst.
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    "supported" can mean different things...I'm going to ask BurstCSM.

    If really does give them free servers, I'm not sure how other resellers based on would feel about that...
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    Hello, the expenses to run it - 0$ a month, except the promotion. I run it on partners programm of a company that is giving people possibility to run their own free hosts for free. I use their servers for free. You will have this when you buy my site. The ads were adsense, but its nit against google law, I inserted them many times, and I had no problems with google, because google do allow insertion of ads on users sites, if you have right, and I have this right , because users agree to this when they sign up. The ads can be inserted on exact position or in header or in footer or in all these places. You can see many sites hosted. Example is . Thanks.
    If you only spend $0/month, it's not good at all.

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