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    Minecraft Hosting Company For Sale [Revision]


    We are still for sale as a previous deal has fallen through. The buyer messed us around despite them being highly favoured and reliable.

    Thanks to the previous potential buyer there are some major revisions to the sale.

    I'm selling a hosting company that have been specialised in Minecraft servers hosted on VPS servers. We started in January and have rapidly grew until March, since then we have toned things down as we couldn't cope, we are selling because I can't put much time into the business anymore. A few of our Minecraft customers also have web hosting with us.

    We recently took of the control panel we made. Many have SSH access and control their servers manually and several others use McMyAdmin as a control panel.

    11 x BurstNET VPS
    1 x BurstNET Dedicated Server
    15 x McMyAdmin Professional Licenses
    1 x Unique Website (Designed by me)
    1 x WHMCS/Plesk Integration
    1 x Twitter Account
    WHMCS/Database of 74 Minecraft Customers (Old and Current).
    Not Included
    The name we have been using is not included in the sale. This includes the domains associated with it.
    Current Figures.
    April Revenue: $732 (Costs ~$500)
    Est Annual: $9,276

    Contact me at [email protected], I can send you screen shots of WHMCS and allow you to view the website.

    Starting Price: $400
    BIN: $700

    Auction Ends: 15th May 2011 22:00 GMT +1
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    email sent

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    We have sold for an amount higher than the BIN, thank you for everyone who took an interest.

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    good price!

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