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    * Domain for sale

    Top ccTLD is for sale
    curent page rank is: 3
    price is 300 EUR
    accepting moneybookers for payment
    some keywords to get idea for using:
    SSH-Secure File Transfer,SFTP,Putty SSH,SSH Client,SSH access,Root SSH,VPS SSH, or....

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    What about 50EUR?

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    ha ha ,good offer,thanks,hawe offers on 300eur.

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    Why not

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    If you have offers of 300 euros, and your price here is 300 euros, why not accept an offer ?
    I do things. - Consumer and b2b IT solutions.

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    I negotiate with some people,and as I said hawe offers on 300eur,if you wont to know why is not sold yet,some reasonsne wont to pay on paypal only,but i dont accept paypal,other wont to transfer domain to some register like is godaddy,and i forget to note that big register dont hawe this type of domain on system...I hope it is now clear....

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