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    Best Practice For Affiliate Program

    I offer web design, web hosting and domain registration to a local market of a city of 80 000. I want to create an affiliate program and am looking for tips. I'm a fan of automation, but I want to reach out to the people of the city as well. How do others do it?

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    Dang! It looks like WHMCS really is the complete solution. Nice!

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    yes whmcs but its paid
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaatendi View Post
    looking for tips
    Some tips and advice ...

    * pay ontime - nothing annoys affiliates as much as waiting for the money when they want to withdraw it

    * write a FAQ - if your affiliates are "new" to the process they're likely to take a significant amount of your time in helping them setup links, upload images, code html etc - the more detail you can provide them, the easier that becomes

    * if using the WHMCS inbuilt program, you will want to add some additional code, tracking systems and link methods to aff.php

    * regularly check the figures - if you're seeing 120,000 hits, 0% conversion find out why - some people do strange things to get their cookie on as many boxes as possible

    The WHMCS affiliate program is basic but works just fie, it's fairly easy to extend/code your own features into as well if you find you want to do so.
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    For affiliate, you need to have a good website. If you have good traffic resource, then you can get good amount.

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