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    What is a constructor for OOP PHP?

    I searched all over the internet and it is explained in a way that I will never understand. Can anyone explain in plain english why a constructor is necessary in object oriented programming or at least what makes it different than a normal function used inside a class?

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    A constructor is code that runs automatically when you instantiate an object. It's basically a function within the class that has the same name as the class. Sometimes they accept arguments, like below:

    $moose = new Moose("Bullwinkle");
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    To expand on bqinternet's reply, a PHP object constructor isn't necessary, but just a feature of using objects. Compare defining an object to defining a function:

    function moose($name)
    // do stuff with $name

    class Moose
    public function __construct($name)
    // do what you want with the name

    Every time you "$moose = new Moose('Bullwinkle');", it runs that __construct() function and uses what you supply to Moose() just like if you defined it as a normal function.

    There also exist things called "destructors" that run when the object is destroyed (used mostly when the script stops running).

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    Thanks, I have one last question. I am reading a lot of OOP tutorials out there and all of them are only a page long. Is there not much to OOP, or are only the basics covered? Does this tutorial cover it all?

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    The constructor is having some code within the braces that code automatically executed.Their is no need to call the constructor explicitly.

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    OOP is a programming concept that spans many different programming languages. I actually learned just about everything I know about OOP when I learned Java.

    The basics of OOP are not complicated, but there are millions of ways to actually implement it into your code.

    Once you have a grasp of the basics, you will want to pick up a book(or find an online tutorial) on 'OOP Design Patterns'. The real power in OOP is how you get your class objects to interact with each other.
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