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    Need Someone to Set Server (Nginx/PHP/MySQL) on Dedicated


    I own a Dedicated Server (unmanaged) with the next characteristics:

    Server (HP ProLiant DL120); CPU (1x Intel Dual-Core G6950); Harddisk
    (2x500GB SATA2); RAM (8GB DDR3); Remote Power Management
    (Remote Power Port)
    Server Control Panel (cPanel/WHM); Software RAID (RAID1 (Mirror)); OS
    (CentOS 5 (64bit))
    Uplink Port Speed (1 x 100Mbps Full-Duplex); Bandwidth (8000 GB); IP
    I only work with blogs, and I have 600 average users connected at the same time, but I've had peaks of up to 15000 users connected at the same time. The thing is that I tried to move there a week ago from a shared hosting, and I paid 2 management services to set it up (I wont mention them but I'd never recommend them to anyone), and to install and remove services that I didn't need. I need to have like 20 blogs there up and running.

    The thing is that after the company tried to make the initial setup, everything started to fail (since day one) can't assign databases, tickets are responded almost 8 to 12 hours after I create them, or they simply reply "we'll check on that". At this point I cant even use my DNS like NS1-server-com, I just set an A record from my domain registrars panel to make them work. to sum up everything in that server (1 week old) is a fu.... mess.

    What I need:

    1) Someone capable to install the OS from scratch (or deeply repair the actual one).

    2) Set usual server like most of hosting companies have today. Just what I need to run Wordpress blogs, preferably nginx/php/mysql...

    3) I some free panel where I can easily: add new domain, make new database, db user and assign user to db. Also I would like to have phpmyadmin and some visual cron for each account. I also need to set 2 users inside and since my pack comes with 2 IP's assign one IP to each account. You need to install and configure that panel.

    4) Set server security and also would like if you can set SSH with root is not allowed, but only SU with some other user. Change SSH port and all the rest that is important for security.

    5) Configure server to work fast. Install opcode plugin like eaccelerator or APC and make it visible by wordpress. Remove all services that I don't need. (for example I don't need mail)

    Please tell me:

    - your price for this job.

    - about your experience and references

    - your price for updating software on this server. I guess that every X months I need to update some services or linux core. Can you describe how can I do it on mysqlf or tell me your price for that.

    Write me at fencersbeatngu(@)gmail(dot)com

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    I sent you an email, I sent it from mike.spears <at>

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    Hi David,
    I sent you an email. Kindly check. Thanks.
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    Email sent. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!

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