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    How to protect vps hosting from being hack

    I want to know how can i protect my vps hosting ?
    should i use antivirus?

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    Your concern is rootkits, which is a virus that provides server privileges without the administrators knowledge. There is no real-time blocker for rootkits, but there are a few scanners. Among those, rkhunter and ckrootkit are both free and popular. I run ckrootkit daily using cron, and the output is emailed to me so I can review it.

    What most server admins are concerned with is their server being either the victim of a DDoS attack, or an unknowing participant. You should install some or all of the following security applications if you run a commercial hosting server. All of these security measures are free.

    • mod_evasive
    • mod_secutity
    • APF (Advanced Policy Firewall)
    • rkhunter or ckrootkit
    • Unless you really need it, disable recursive DNS lookups.
    • Run SHH either on a non-standard port (not port 22), or with authorized key access only.

    You need to apply Linux updates regularly (such as yum) to plug security holes in applications. One thing I promise; if you let your updates go for a long enough time you'll get rooted sooner or later. The ankle-biters of the world never give up.
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    There are many tutorials on how to do this. Just Google.
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    I use:
    CSF firewall
    and CXS+Mailscanner for rootkits, bad permissions, execs, exploits etc.
    Also, I use ClamAV

    Be sure tu use a good strong password(try and never save it in browsers and FTP clients. Also you could try do use SSH public key instead of password and use another user instead of root, but that's a little bit of ovekill.
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    You should disable (disable_functions in php.ini) bad (and with that useless too) commands in PHP too. This commands are those which can start/end daemons/processes and execute anything via ssh as root or similar. Most of the scripts (nearly all) work without them and they are just a security risk.

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