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    Beginner in Ecommerce Hosting

    We recently started hosting a few ecommerce websites. Just wondering if anyone has any tips or warnings, things to look out for. As far as security, etc. Is it much different then just hosting regular websites?

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    There's a few differences,
    Mainly you want to really offer fast support, with first call resolution.

    As well as this, keep your servers secure and clean.

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    yup, and just make sure you have the excellent support
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    Have you already bought SSL Certificates in order to make your payment secure and safe?

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    What ecommerce shopping cart software have you chosen for running your ecommerce site?

    personally prefer Magento - it is the best one I have ever used.

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    Take some experience in this field then start for this.

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    I think that if you running e-commerce web site - it should be well-designed, convenient.. Your content should be always fresh..
    Can agree about Magento commerce shopping cart software.. it is the best one for running ecommerce sites.

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    read this.I hope it will be helpful for u

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    Thanks for all the responses. It has been helpful.

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    And you should must use SSL to secure your all the payments.

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    Get a SSL to protect your website and your e- commerce cart.
    It is win win situation so don't save cost on it.
    You let your website secure, your client also confidence to make the payment.

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    Make sure your sites can pass a PCI Scan. In addition, tell your customers not to store credit card data in their shopping cart software. Many of the open source shopping carts (Magento, VirtueMart, osCommerce, Zen cart, Ubercart, etc) allows the merchant to use free payment modules for PCI certified payment gateways.

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