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    Limited offer: 512MB RAM VPS $33.33 Yearly - 3 Locations

    Hostfolks Internet are pleased to offer WHT readers this special offer, we've made available a limited stock of 30 VPS' with 512MB RAM, 20 GB Disk Space, 1000 GB Bandwidth and one IP for the special yearly price of $33.33!

    You can choose between 3 locations (Scranton, Texas and Falkenstein(DE))

    Test IP's:

    Package Details
    1000Mhz CPU
    2 CPU Cores
    512 MB DDR3 RAM
    20 GB Disk Space
    1000 GB Bandwidth
    1 IP Address

    Yearly Price: $33.33
    Order VPS


    As well as the above offer, we are also offering 20% off our regular VPS packages! To obtain this offer please enter 'WHTVPS' on the order form. Package details below:

    Economy VPS
    2000Mhz CPU
    2 CPU Cores
    256 MB DDR3 RAM
    25 GB Disk Space
    1000 GB Bandwidth
    1 IP Address

    Monthly price: $5.95
    Order VPS

    Deluxe VPS
    2500Mhz CPU
    4 CPU Cores
    512 GB DDR3 RAM
    50 GB Disk Space
    2000 GB Bandwidth
    1 IP Addresses

    Monthly price: $9.95
    Order VPS

    Premium VPS
    3000Mhz CPU
    6 CPU Cores
    1 GB DDR3 RAM
    100 GB Disk Space
    3000 GB Bandwidth
    2 IP Addresses

    Monthly price: $19.95
    Order VPS

    Xtreme VPS
    4000Mhz CPU
    8 CPU Cores
    2 GB DDR3 RAM
    200 GB Disk Space
    4000 GB Bandwidth
    3 IP Addresses

    Monthly price: $30.95
    Order VPS

    All VPS' have access to 4 DNS servers located in Scranton PA, Houston TX, Manchester UK and Falkenstein in Germany.

    All HostFolks VPS servers come with HyperVM access allowing you to manage your VPS reimage/start/stop etc.

    To view all plans please see

    Kloxo and Webmin are available for free on all VPS packages. WHM/Cpanel is available for $14.95 on all VPS semi-managed VPS.

    Choose from over 40 OS Templates including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Slackware and Suse.

    Any questions please ask!
    Hostfolks Internet est. 2001
    VPS Solutions in 5 US and EU locations

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    Please use for Scranton.
    Hostfolks Internet est. 2001
    VPS Solutions in 5 US and EU locations

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    do you have any reviews?

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    Which package DC houston?

    then if I re reinstall os whether charged or not?

    whether support with vpn?

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    Any plan can be at any of the locations, you can change OS in HyperVM for free. We allow the modules for VPN so you can install one.
    Hostfolks Internet est. 2001
    VPS Solutions in 5 US and EU locations

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    Houston test file is good for me.

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    how long the vps will be ready after ordering? are You have offer for instant setup?

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    Thanks HostFolks, I'm already with you since 20 minutes ago haha.

    I'm gonna use that vps for test things and stuffs and hope I'll be with you for a long time.

    btw I didn't ask anything just pay and done. (Waiting my vps)

    Edit: VPS ready.
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