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    speed of client's access to server; how to determine what bandwidth size do I need

    re: how to determine what bandwidth size do I need


    I am about to deploy my server for the first time, but am deciding which service to take.

    Number of concurrent users will vary from 0 to 1000.

    The biggest single webpage is of total size 200kb (includes images already).

    Assumption also: my server/website does not do any time-consuming activities between requests, i.e., no search or any significant heavy server processing.

    I wish to maintain response time of my website to a maximum of 1 second (1000 milliseconds).

    I am considering 2 options:

    1) cloud virtual machine, including internet bandwidth
    > 10mbps and up; easily scaled up or down

    2) my own personal server machine, buy static ip address, and business account internet bandwidth.
    > 2mbps and up; expensive

    How do I compute how fast or how slow is this 2mbps offer?

    I prefer #2 above at this point, whereby I can run my own home server.

    I will appreciate any comments.

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    I'd go for option 1). Option 2) is always a bad idea considering you don't have redundancy for internet, electricity and you don't have a suitable controlled environment to proper host your server.

    On the other hand, 2mbps I don't think will be enough and also, you'll need to account for load balancing.
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    This is some software which help to know the server speed. It might be useful to get solution. So search them in google and test speed.

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