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    Game Servers' CPU: Opteron vs. Xeon

    Hi everyone,
    What are people's thoughts on Xeon vs. Opteron when it comes to game servers? I was doing pricing for 2x Intel e5620 CPUs which would be 8 physical cores (18 hyperthreaded) versus an Opteron 6128 with 8 physical cores. The opteron comes in at a far lower price per core (albeit slower clock and no hyperthreading). Even a dual Opteron 6128 system would have 16 physical cores and be cheaper than a dual Xeon e5620 system but with twice the physical cores.

    This will mainly be for source games. Any experience/comments welcome!

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    Depends on how many game servers you plan to run on the box. If you are just going to run a single game server then you really dont need 8+ cores but if you plan to run lots of game servers then I would lean on the opteron and use some of that extra money for Raid.

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    It depends on how many gameservers you want to run on a Dedicated Server. Also you should check which games you want to run on a Dedicated Server. Each game has their own requirements!

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    Hmm thanks guys. Yup the plan is to run many game servers hence the desire for a large number of cores. I think we may get the Opteron 6128 in that case. Currently looking at whether its worthwhile to get single 6128 socket servers at around $850 each or a single quad socket 1u Supermicro server (1042) which would come in at around 2300 for 2 processors.

    The 1042 is cheaper with three CPUs or above so may go that route.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snel IS View Post
    As far as I know, source games do not use more than 1 or 2 cores.
    I think you would be better off with one CPU with strong cores (e.g. Core i7) rather than two relatively slow CPUs.
    SRCDS is not multi threaded. but if you have a 6 core processor and 6 versions of srcds it will use 1 core each.

    this may have changed very recently though, multi-threaded srcds was on a test run on a few ukcss servers as far as I remember, dont know what valve done with it after that.

    Added >> youre going to need alot of bandwidth depending on game. css uses 5-8 KBytes/s user up and down sometimes more.
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    5-8KB/s = LAG. The normal setting for running CSS is 25KB/s per user. Calculate your bandwidth based on those numbers. I used to run 2 CSS (20 slots each) and 1 COD4 (32 slotes) servers and the monthly bandwidth was around 1000GB per month. So if you use those servers for games servers only, the bandwidth shouldn't be a problem (unless you run it from home). If you run it from a data center with at least 100mbps port, you should be fine.

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