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    50% discount on all Serversky VPS plans, starting at $14

    No contract, no setup fee. You can save up to $1,143 a year! Read more at

    Our VPS plans:
    VPS-1: 512MB RAM 40GB disk 1 CPU core 300GB transfer $14
    VPS-2: 768MB RAM 60GB disk 2 CPU cores 500GB transfer $18
    VPS-3: 1024MB RAM 60GB disk 2 CPU cores 750GB transfer $24
    VPS-4: 1536MB RAM 70GB disk 2 CPU cores 1000GB transfer $33
    VPS-5: 2048GB RAM 80GB disk 3 CPU cores 1250GB transfer $44
    VPS-6: 4096GB RAM 100GB disk 4 CPU cores 1500GB transfer $82

    High performance
    All our servers are powered by Enterprise class Dell hardware, with a minimum of 72GB RAM and SAS 15K disks, connected using Cisco and Dell switches and routers.

    Our support technicians work around the clock to ensure you receive the best possible hosting experience available. We have specialized teams of experts to give you quality support.

    Easily upgrade your server resources by just clicking a button. More RAM, CPU or diskspace is always available.

    Every virtual server is isolated and is always guaranteed to not be affected by any of the others. The resources you buy, are the resources you get, no overselling.

    Web interface
    With many years in the business we have developed a web interface where you can manage every aspect of your servers.
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