Note: Our minimum server setup is Dual Intel Quad Core Xeon E5620 8 x 2.4GHz + hyper-threading CPU ( 16 Logical Cores ) with 16GB RAM and Adaptec I/O Optimized Hardware Raid10. We have daily, weekly and monthly backup in placed using R1Soft. We do not oversell our servers. Therefore, overselling is not allowed. Most of the websites hosted in our servers are being used for business and professional purposes. Please read our terms also:

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or chat with us live.

Are we expensive? Do you want us to match your current hosting provider? Sure, send us an email and we can give you a better space/bandwidth. Just make sure your old provider has 99.9% up time or a reputable host.

WHT Promo: Put "WHT Double" in requests form and your space and bandwidth will be doubled :-)

JS Linux Reseller Newbie - Only $3.99/Month
2GB Space
10GB Bandwidth Per Month
To Order:

JS Linux Reseller 1 - Only $20.00/Month
12GB Space
100GB Bandwidth Per Month
To Order:

JS Linux Reseller 2 - Only $30.00/Month
40GB Space
300GB Bandwidth Per Month
To Order:

JS Linux Reseller 3 - Only $45.00/Month
80GB Space
600GB Bandwidth Per Month
To Order:

JS Linux Reseller 4 - Only $70.00/Month
100GB Web Space
800GB Bandwidth Per Month
To Order:

JS Linux Reseller 5 - Only $95.00/Month
120GB Space
1000GB Bandwidth Per Month
To Order:

All Packages Include:
99.5% Spam Free
Unlimited domains, emails, mysql databases, postgresql databases, etc...
R1Soft Restore Backups -new-
PHP5 with PHP4 as secondary
Ruby on Rails
RBL Setup, ExiScan & Clam Anti Virus included
BoxTrapper (verify the sender before the email reach you)
and many more features...

See for more info.


Some Testimonials About Our Services:


Why choose us?

1. We've been in the business since December 2001 and still growing. We have already proven it for 9 years now.
2. We focus on our expertise and we know we are good at it.
3. We have with us a topnotch support team guaranteed to provide you solutions on your support concerns.
4. Your data are safe with us. We also protect it with our own server management expertise.
5. We mean what we advertised - 99.9% network uptime guarantee.
6. All our servers are monitored via 24/7 and it will notify us if it is down.
7. Your transaction is safe with us. When it comes to billing, we use payment processors which are very secure (e.g. 2checkout and paypal). We never keep your credit card details and we respect your privacy.
8. There are other great reasons to join us, but best of all, as our valued client, we are here to support you all the way because your business is important to us.