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    webmail shell commands question

    I am unable to open my .../cgi-bin/wmail/ mail box because the box contains hundreds of thousands of messages.
    Can you please tell me the Linux RedHat shell commands to allow me to:
    - Read Messages
    - Delete Messages
    - Skip Messages

    Thanks much in advance

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    so cal
    can't you use pop3?

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    Are you getting any error?
    I've seen this happen on different webmail clients and can be simply bi-passed by removing some of the limits on php.

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    webmail commands

    I thought the wmail is written in Perl lanaguage.. as when I go to cgi-bin/wmail/ all are with extension .pl
    After few minutes wait.. I get server time out ... something like:
    "Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data"

    Also to use POP3, it will require lots of bandwidth to download the data into Outlook... and just do not want to be restricted on particular computer... as I like to have my email online available always...


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    you can use mutt to delete some emails via command line or just use rm if it's maildir and not mbox.

    As a side note, you could try to increase apache's timeout just for this.

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    Also the 'mail' command will let you use a very basic e-mail client to go through your messages.
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