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    Seeking position

    Greetings WHT,

    I am seeking a job as a live chat representative or/and support tech Level 1. I have over nine years of experience and have a pretty nice resume.

    I can work from 5 PM until as late as needed on week days
    and I can work pretty much 10-20 hours on weekends.

    I have an Adobe Industrial Certification.
    I have also ran many businesses within this industry, so I have an all around great experience.

    My primary goal is to be able to have a decent income, and maybe to have the income grow the bigger the company gets. I would be willing to work fairly cheap I guess, but not for free.

    please pm me or reply to the thread with any questions or further information.

    I am experienced with almost every live messenger, and am fairly experienced with Linux and Windows as well.

    I accept Paypal only.

    edit: I messed up on the thread name I meant to put Seeking Position: Helpdesk/Level 1 support

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