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    transfering files to another server with putty?

    I am new to system administration. I knew theres a way to transfer a sites from one host to another directly.

    Heres what i did:
    1. On the old host, created a full back using cpanel and then chmod'ed that to 777.
    2. Logged into new server using putty and then did wget to get that backup on new server

    now whats the next step?

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    these backups are they backups of each account you want to transfer ?

    if so then you need to use /scripts/pkgrestore <username>

    or if you want to use the gui, login to WHM and restore the accounts that way.

    Hope this helps you.

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    wget works, another option that I use is sftp/scp for secure file copying.

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    i already know that part.
    My question was,
    whats after you pull the file through wget?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sw0rdy View Post
    whats after you pull the file through wget?
    Move it to /home (mv ./file.tar.gz /home) and then invoke WHM's restore function. Command line method was given above, or you can do so from within WHM. Look for restore account..
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