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    How much Ram should I consider getting?

    Hello Guys,

    If I am going to start a Web Hosting Business, how much ram should I get to run cPanel/WHM to host for like 50 clients?

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    I think the answer probably depends alot on the type of hosting your looking to provide and also the platform.

    You can easily run CPanel with 50 low end websites on a 512MB VPS, but as your load increases with MySQL then you will be looking for more memory.

    The key is to optimise your Apache/MySQL to sensible criteria based on the amount of memory you have available. If you put in 8GB but don't optimise MySQL you will be wasting your memory.

    Most hosts will allow you to upgrade memory later, but consider if this is possible before commiting.
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    It really depends on how busy they are, part of which you can get an idea of based on what market you are targeting. Do you have a specific market niche you are wanting to target, if so how much dynamic content is on those sites and how busy are they?
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    I'd advise at least 1024mb of RAM.

    512mb is sufficient, but if you're wanting to start well, don't just be sufficient, be exceptional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by intelliServe View Post
    I'd advise at least 1024mb of RAM.

    512mb is sufficient, but if you're wanting to start well, don't just be sufficient, be exceptional.
    Maybe 1gb to start. Depending on the resource requirements of the sites being hosted.. that can shoot upwards of 5-6gb.
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    You can get VPS with 2GB RAM or you can get cpanel reseller hosting for safer site. There are so many good providers available.
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    Start with 1GB, the price difference between 512 and 1GB is so little and it will make a big difference.
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    You should get roughly 1GB to start since probably some of the 50 sites might be some medium traffic sites and some can be very MySQL-intensive.

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    As a few people said before me, it really comes down to the resource consumption of the sites. Depending on your bugdet and expertise, I'd go either with an unmanaged 2 GB VPS(it's quite cheap and you have plenty of resources in case something goes wrong) or a reseller account.
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    If you already know the needs of those 50 clients, then exceptional could be only what fits their needs. There is no exact number of ram. You don't want to pay extra money for ram that nobody is going to use and you don't also want to start with complaints. My advice is to start by providing a hand by hand service to your clients and don't accept all of them at once. I guess you'll have only one box running at the beginning so you'll not be able to immediately move a really busy site that will have a negative impact on all the other accounts. Best thing to do is to get those 50 clients from your local market and build your business. When you'll be able to get more machines you could be open to international orders. Already said here...make sure your machine can get more power by upgrading and ask about times and availability of the upgrades. Running a single box...any change could mean downtime for all your clients...even an upgrade.
    Another approach could be to get two ( or more ) "strong" vps for the money of one dedicated. So if something goes wrong with one, not all your clients will feel it! ALso this setup provides flexibility and gives you the advantage to make strategic moves so you keep everything balanced.

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