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    Managed dedicated server to serve Caribbean?

    We had a dedicated server in Florida for our classifieds site, but they screwed us after only two months with them.

    Essentially, I'm looking for a managed dedicated server that will serve the Caribbean, specifically the Dominican Republic. My budget is about $130.

    Who do you recommend?


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    Hostdime is in Orlando, Florida. They should have a good connection to the Caribbean.

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    Its very difficult to find managed server in this budget. You need to increase it.
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    L.A., CA

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    Just make sure whoever you are working with is connected to the peering exchange at the Nap of the Americas. That is where 90% of the network providers in that region connect to North America.
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    I think Miami will be best solution for you. Specify your reqirments for configuration and traffic package

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    Would like to know all your requirements and budget to advise you something decent.

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