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    A Shell Script to fix index injuction - restore from Cpanel backups

    Hi guys ...
    I want to share with you this nice script that I did with my best friend and I need a small help ...

    PHP Code:

    if [ $# -ne 1 ]
    echo "Error in $0 - Invalid Argument Count"
    echo "Syntax: $0 username"

    sudo rm 
    sudo rm -/home2/$1/public_html/index.*

    #as much homes you have

    cd /backup/cpbackup/weekly/
    sudo tar -zxvf /backup/cpbackup/weekly//$1.tar.gz

    cd /backup/cpbackup/weekly/$1/
    sudo tar -xvvf /backup/cpbackup/weekly/$1/homedir.tar

    sudo cp 
    /backup/cpbackup/weekly/$1/public_html/index.* /home/$1/public_html/
    sudo cp /backup/cpbackup/weekly/$1/public_html/index.* /home2/$1/public_html/
    sudo chown $1.$/home/$1/public_html/index.*

    sudo chown $1.$/home2/$1/public_html/index.*

    sudo rm -rf /backup/cpbackup/weekly/$1
    echo Done 
    if I have a list of users that I want to restore their index pages ? how my I integrate them ..

    Note: the users " user names" I have can be pasted in the code or called from another file ..

    i have this in a file like:

    etc ..

    advise ...

    Not as that Much Expert
    I'm just a "LostEagle"

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    You may want to download the script from called "revert". You cd to the appropriate directory and run the "revert filename" command and it extracts the unique versions from your local cpanel backups.

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