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    Lightbulb Need help with setting up Squid with gzip, ssl and socks

    I have spent an entire weekend (approx 14 total actual hours minimum) trying to get a squid installation like the above going :

    i have installed libecap, ecap module, and compiled squid (3.1) with ecap support, yet it doesnt seem to compress the traffic. an 6 mb uncompressed text file still comes through squid uncompressed. (i used the following guide )

    i also wasnt able to use socks to connect to squid, and was not able to encrypt connection in between the local client and the server running the squid.

    im using centos 5, and yum install squid installs 2.7, which does not support gzip compression with ecap module. squid 3.1 and 3.2 doesnt support gzip compression as native yet.

    since im at my wit's end, i thought of asking help. what i want to do is :

    - i need to be able to connect to squid from my local client through an encrypted connection (preferably native to squid)

    - i need to be able to use all my programs (from sftp to googletalk) with that - that probably means i need to use socks 5 for connecting to squid. (i have freecap, sockscap launchers at my local machine already)

    - i need to have authentication for that connection. (socks 5 auth, if socks 5 connection)

    - i need squid to have gzip compression, so it will compress the traffic from itself to the client (my local computer) for all transmitted data

    if anyone can show me any pointers, i would be glad.

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    me to need help please let some on know
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    wow. all these hosters/coders here, noone set up such a basic proxy ?

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    Can setup squid proxies but this compression of data you speak of I havent really heard of before. It's a browser-server thing, and from what I know, browsers arent awfully good at it.

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