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    Windows Server Management without any panel needed.

    Hello. I need to make some initial setup on my windows server 2008/IIS7. Right Now my server has also PLESK but I don't want to use plesk
    and I need that every domain on myserver is reconfigured so no application pools from plesk will be use there. I also need that on my
    server is configured all five domains which I have. So:

    1. Create on my server all FIVE domains which I have not in plesk directly on IIS7
    2. Create for every domain NameServer so I could send nameserver names for this domains to my registrator. And after they setup these nameservers my domains start to work
    3. Install on server some SMTP mail client to every domain so I can use webmail to access my mail accounts.
    4. Make my server secure...Make some neded initial secuirty settings.
    5. Configure on my server everything what is needed for .net framewrok 4.0

    I am looking for someone which can make initial setup and if I will sattisfied with your service I will need server managment for this server
    I need really profesionall service which will not use PLESK PANEL. Thank you

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    We can do this for you! Please send in an email to support [at] servermascot [dot] com and we'll take it ahead from there.

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    We can help you. Please email at support[at]
    Thank you.
    Server Management l 24/7/365 l Linux l Windowsl 15+ years experience
    sales [at] - for general inquiries
    911 [at] - for any urgent help

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    Hi - have you filled the job? I'm US based and ready to assist you today!

    I don't require you use any control panel and I've got over 10 years of enterprise Microsoft experience in the hosting industry.

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    10 years experience, payment only after job is done. Please email or PM me.

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    We can do this job for you. Kindly visit us at hostingsupportguru[dot]com for more information on our services.

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    BVS Technologies-Best Support assured for the Value you Pay- you conceive the best of the best quality you feel,trust,infer in all our services!!!
    Website :-
    e-Mail :-[email protected]

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