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    Offering XHTML / CSS Conversion | Selling AMAZING TEMPLATES! S> 1 Domain


    Monthly search keywords:

    First Template:

    Second Template:

    Third Template:

    Offer on all, serious offers only ... OR
    BIN for 1st template: $120
    BIN for 2nd template: $80
    BIN for 3rd template: $100

    Also I bought those three templates from a designer and never found time to program it to XHTML / CSS to resell.

    If you want it programmed to XHTML / CSS it will cost more (like a regular conversion cost).

    XHTML / CSS Conversion Services:

    This site above is going to be the new portfolio... Haven't made a template for it yet.

    The pricing of the conversion will depend on the complexity of the .PSD design.

    For more information, please private message me or contact me from one of the following:

    AIM - azngu12l
    MSN - freelancingclub @ hotmail . com
    Email - freelanchingclub @ hotmail . com

    - Virtualize
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    Designer / Coder (XHTML/CSS/Wordpress)

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    BIN can be lowered... Please offer and I may sell it for that price!
    Designer / Coder (XHTML/CSS/Wordpress)

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