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    Talking ⸭ $99 Q9550, $119 i7 860, 4GB RAM, 2TB, 24x7 KVM, SUPER CHEAP UPGRADES!, LOOK HERE ⸭

    WANSecurity – Fully Customizable Dedicated Hosting Solutions.

    This special offer is available to new customers only. Sorry. This special is only guaranteed until we post our next ad.

    Hardware RAID Available on all servers

    Check our website for everyday low costs on Dedicated Services, and Cloud Services


    *Free 2TB bandwidth upgrade at our Kansas City data center. Request this upgrade after your account has been provisioned.

    • Core i7 860 Super Micro (1U Rack Mounted Server)
    • 4GB DDR3
    • 1 x 500GB Storage
    • 2TB Bandwidth
    • 100Mb Port
    • CIDR /29 IP Allocation
    • Dedicated (Always on) KVM/IP with Virtual Media Included (Install your own OS support)
    • Remote Reboot Included
    • Super Premium IP transit

      $119/mo with coupon ROCKMYCORE
      Order Now

    • Q9550 Super Micro or Asus (1U Rack Mounted Server)
    • 4GB DDR2
    • 1 x 500GB Storage
    • 2TB Bandwidth
    • 100Mb Port
    • CIDR /29 IP Allocation
    • Dedicated (Always on) KVM/IP with Virtual Media Included (Install your own OS support)
    • Remote Reboot Included
    • Super Premium IP transit

      $99/mo with coupon ROCKMYQ
      Order Now

    Why should you host at WANSecurity?
    • Super Friendly, and helpful support staff. WE CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS!
    • 100% Network and Power availability SLA
    • 6 Data Center locations across the globe to choose from
    • High Security Standards, Practices, and Procedures**
    • Free technical support to all including non-managed customers
    • Dedicated KVM/IP, or IPMI port included on all Dedicated Servers
    • Remote Reboot Port with API included on all Dedicated Servers
    • Server class motherboard and chassis, no desktop class systems
    • Best IP transit available on the planet, see OUR PROVIDERS below
    • You asked, we listened. See NEW ORDER SYSTEM below
    • Everyone else is doing it, why don't you?!


    We have been monitoring the Internet for many years, and have gone to great lengths and have worked extraordinarily hard at bringing you the absolute best IP Transit available to get your data across the globe most reliably and with the lowest latency possible. Following is a list of our IP transit providers. Pay attention for the coveted soon-to-be released route-mapping system which will allow you, the customer to choose your favorite providers (AS Path) to your customers, or other destinations!***

    • Level3
    • Cogent
    • Hurricane Electric
    • United Layer
    • Unite Private Networks
    • NTT
    • KDDI
    • USEN
    • Equinix


    We have designed a new order system from scratch which will allow you to full customize your dedicated server before placing your order! Check it out at any of the order links below. Just another way we're showing We're listening, we heard you, and we appreciate you. Thank you for your business.


    • VoIP Providers

      A number of VoIP customers continue to choose WANSecurity to grow their business because of it's highly reliable, low latency, and solid networks.

    • Video Streaming Services

      Video streaming requires extremely reliable network connectivity, fast dedicated servers, large storage arrays. At least one major streaming video services provider has increased their revenue by up to 60% by switching to WANSecurity Hosting. Other features include protected CDN, with GeoIP DNS support.

    • Game Software Developers / Game Server Providers

      Game software developers and Game Server providers choose WANSecurity because of our low latency and QoS customized services for these customers. For example, In 2010 WANSecurity hosted over 120 Game servers globally for a well known game software developer, serving a Massive Multiplayer online Game. A number of other companies providing game servers continue to grow their business on top of WANSecurity networks.

    • Virtual Private Server Providers

      Our largest customer base are companies who provide Virtual Private Servers, and have desired to enter the global market. Based on our in depth knowledge of virtualization technologies, dedicated server hardware, reasonable and tiered bandwidth pricing, low latency transit to all major continents and inexpensive address space upgrades, VPS customers continue to expand their offerings on WANSecurity infrastructure.

    • Development Studios

      Software, media and marketing development studios use WANSecurity Hosting because of the managed services we offer. Some favorites of these types of customers are clustered databases, load balanced web farms, subversion and git automated deployments, development, test, staging and production environments, 24/7 on-call support with dedicated account management, email, DNS, Sharepoint and other group-ware collaboration systems.

    • Non-Profit Organizations

      We have special discounts available for Not For Profit 901C3 customers.

    • Manufacturing

      Manufacturing companies choose WANSecurity because of our Sun/Solaris support, custom software development, hardware, gauge and event monitoring and alerting expertise. Finally because of our on-staff technical engineers with working knowledge and understanding the needs of manufacturers using robotics, machinery, and chemical treatment.

    Other industries include
    • Government / Cities
    • Domain Registrars
    • SSL Providers
    • Web Hosting Providers
    • Software Developers
    • Database Administrators
    • Students and Scientists
    • Investigative Researchers
    • Search Engine Providers
    • Security Analysts
    • eCommerce Applications
    • SEO Companies

    WHT Patrons can receive 20% off any regularly priced plan with coupon WHTROCKSME

    Operating Systems and Control Panels

    Free CPanel with all Managed plans
    Choose from these Control Panels
    • Kloxo
    • cPanel/WHM
    • cPanel/WHM + Fantastico
    • DotNetPanel Standard
    • Parallels PLESK CP for Linux (100 Domain)
    • Parallels PLESK CP for Linux (Unlimited Domains)
    • Parallels PLESK CP for Windows (100 Domain)
    • Parallels PLESK CP for Windows (Unlimited Domain)

    Choose from these Managed and Supported Operating Systems
    • Citrix XenServer 5.5
    • Citrix XenServer 6.0
    • VMware ESXi 4.0
    • CentOS 5
    • Debian Lenny
    • Ubuntu 8 or 9
    • Open SUSE 11
    • Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.3
    • Fedora Core
    • Windows Server 2003 - Web Edition
    • Windows Server 2003 - Standard Edition
    • Windows Server 2008 - Web Edition
    • Windows Server 2008 - Standard Edition
    • Windows Server 2008 - Data Center Edition
    • Windows Server 2008 - Enterprise Edition
    • Slackware
    • Open Solaris
    • OpenBSD
    • FreeBSD
    • OS X Leopard (Specialty Hosting please call Sales)


    **All customers are required to provide proof of identity either via personal or business ID, and comply with our ToS and Hosting Agreement

    ***For a list of providers and peers at a specific location, please contact [email protected]

    Payment Methods:
    Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Purchase Order, Invoice, Check and PayPal

    Speed Test Servers:
    Kansas City
    Los Angeles

    Related WANSecurity Services:

    All WANSecurity Hosting customers have unfettered access to WANSecurity, Inc's full suite of Data Center products and services:

    Contact WANSecurity:
    Have Suggestions?

    E-mail [email protected]

    By phone at +1 213.785.7800 Option 2

    WANSecurity – When Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability matters.
    hands down best dedicated server offers in the industry…

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    Are the servers above managed? If no where are the links to managed servers with free cPanel?

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    You can find the managed services option at the bottom of the order form. Just scroll down to the end for the options.

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    no 12TB bandwidth at Kansas City data center any more ?

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    Unfortunately it is not longer available.

    We will be running another one of the crazy specials sometime in the next few weeks. I think it will be the Q9550 with 8GB RAM and 6TB bandwidth, but we're not sure quite yet.

    Keep your eye out for the crazy good deals, they change all the time.

    Please let us know if you can find a better deal than our current offer somewhere else.

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