Greetings All,

I'm an enthusiastic and experienced UNIX systems administrator with a very strong background in Apache, MySQL, PHP and OS/Kernel security, optimization and general UNIX systems administration.

Services offered:

Monthly Server Management (Encompasses everything stated below plus a lot more.), Once Off Initial Services Harden, Hourly Consulting

Server Optimization
Optimization of Apache, PHP & MySQL specifically tailored for your server and/or website. Custom compiles of Apache, MySQL and PHP are available if specifically requested.

Control Panel Management
Whether it be cPanel to Plesk, DirectAdmin to Webmin, keeping your control panel fully updated to the latest stable release provdied by the vendor, securing and hardening various options that the software may offer, disabling non-essential options and enabling essential options definitely plays a vital part in keeping your server secure.

Server Security
General server hardening including correction of filesystem permissions, installation and configuration of intrusion detection software, scanning for possible pre-existing rootkits, trojans & other nasties, customization of a firewall policy specifically for your system and an upgrade of all pre-installed software to the latest stable release provided for your OS distribution.

Kernel Upgrade
Linux Kernels, if not correctly updated and patched or regularly monitored for that matter, can be one of the biggest security issues on a server. Upgrading and patching (with grsecurity) the current kernel to the most stable and secure version available for your servers distribution.

Website Transfers
Depending on software utilized on the existing and destination server, this is also available.

Technical Expertise:

Software Helpdesk and billing software (WHMCS, Kayako, Clientexec, Modernbill and Cerberus) Server Technologies Apache, MySQL, PgSQL, PHP, Exim/QMAIL, ClamAV, Pure/ProFTPD, SpamAssassin, CMS/Blogs (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Mambo etc), Firewalls (CSF/LFD, APF), chkrootkit, rkhunter and more.
Networking - Extensive knowledge and experience of Networking Fundamentals (TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, HTTP, POP3/IMAP, SCP/FTP, SNMP, VPN)
Operating Systems RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD.

Work Experience:

- Bash, Perl and Python Scripting creation and alterations.
- OpenSSH Configuration and Hardening.
- Troubleshooting and Addressing issues in a Helpdesk environment, Meeting scheduled deadlines for clients, communicating with other staff and peers on issues that require further assistance.
- Server Security Auditing, Vulnerability Assessment and Correction.
- Proficient with cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin (general security and hardening, account migrations, remote backups, DNS clusters, failover solutions etc).
- VPN Technologies (OpenVPN, Poptop etc).
- Monitoring and Managing Network Devices (Cacti, PRTG, MRTG etc.)
- Experience with Virtualization (VPS) Software (Virtuozzo, HyperVM, VMWare, Xen)
- Third party Software Installations and configuration Software management (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Fantastico, RVSkins etc.)
- Security Protection and Intrusion Detection (Snort, tripwire, grok etc.)
- DNS and RDNS delegation experience (Bind, QDNS).
- UNIX Kernel Security and patching, regular maintenance, recompiles and OS reinstalls.
- MTA Administration and Optimization (Exim, Postfix, ClamAV, ExiScan, SpamAssassin, Sophos AV, NOD32 etc.)
- Core System Files Hardening and Optimization (sysctl.conf, resolv.conf etc.)
- Monitoring servers and responding to event notifications. (Service outtages, High Load Alerts etc) experience with Nagios.
- Working knowledge of Database Technologies (MySQL, PGSQL) performance optimization, hardening, load balancing and failover configuration.


Currently located in Melbourne, Australia, fluent english speaker and available between the hours of 9AM-9PM AEST GMT+11.

Depending on the timezone of your business and/or request I am very flexible, and available on-call if need be via cell/Skype for remote hands if I'm not at the computer.

Random Testimonials:

With just a low payment of 45$ per month, I've received all the assistance I will ever need with server management services. Help I've received so far ranges from smooth server migration, sever + web server enhancement (improve load times), security upgrade to 3rd party software/app support (fix errors, etc..). Customer support is epic, always there when I need him. Able to reach him via email, messenger and skype. In this case, It appears as if the service provider is in loss not the subscriber.
John Lam - New York, United States
Services used: Monthly Server Management - 26th February 2011 to date.

I fully recommend Michael. As soon as I signed him up, he spotted a bad HDD on my dedicated server and had my provider replace for free; something I would never have noticed myself. He has responded to all email requests, resolved any problems and helped with all server configurations. I trust that he really knows his stuff and have no hesitation recommending him.
George Hill - London, United Kingdom
Services used: Monthly Server Management - 13th February 2011 to date.

Dexqts services are a great help for web system preparation, security updates, and maintenance. With years of experience in security audit he has the skills when you need it most. Dexqts services are a great solution to your hosting health, and system up keeping.
Brandon Hastings - California, United States
Services used: Monthly Server Management - 4th September 2009 to December 2009 (Company ceased operations)

I have used Dexqt as a contract worker and I got to say he does an amazing job with his knowledge along with completing tasks quickly. A+++
Derek Denholm - Ontario, Canada
Services used: Hourly Consulting.

Feel free to private message me if you're interested and would like to see my resume and/or references or just to discuss anything further.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope we can work together!