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Thread: Need suggestion

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    Need suggestion

    Hi all, i need some suggestion about web hosting services.
    i own small business and want to make online presence as well.
    i already have created web site, but cant decide about hosting service. i need one which
    • gives free shopping cart,
      dont ask for domain transfer( i already got my domain registered)
      no two or 3 years plan.
      per month around 6$ or lower.
      and of course reliable etc etc.

    will really appreciate all yur help.

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    You have many choices that can meet your needs. Check the shared hosting offers section if you haven't already.
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    do u have personal experience with any one of them. which one is best.

    anyone have experience with host jaguar.

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    What type of space/bandwidth are you looking for? Do you have a preference on the location of the server?

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    Fatcow host only $44 each year. And shopsite free. Shopsite basic are all static page, and code streamline seo effect be very good, make your website easier to get good rankings.

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    Welcome on the forum; hopefully you have a good time here.
    If you want a good choice; do a search into the hosting offer forum.
    Once you find what you wanted do a search here about the company that offer your desired hosting package:

    In any case what you do yourselves is most better than other suggestions.

    Online power for online people!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robzeh View Post
    What type of space/bandwidth are you looking for? Do you have a preference on the location of the server?
    it will be clothing shop online. so needs good bandwidth an d storage space. my site at the moment is of 1.25Gb and will grow more.

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    What type of space/bandwidth are you looking for?
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    careful trading in clothing and shoes online especially in EU - lots of returns that eat your margin
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    You should have no problem finding something with the specs you need,
    Just take a look around the forum and let us know how you get on.

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    Check Ecommerce Hosting and Discussion section and check the thread for Shopping Cart for Beginner.

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    before start any business you must have experience otherwise its on risk hope you understand

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    Quote Originally Posted by diggs11 View Post
    before start any business you must have experience otherwise its on risk hope you understand
    can u please elaborate a little. i know risk is involved in all kind of businesses but if u r talking in-particular about online business, then i will appreciate if u can give me more insight.

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    In my opinion, you should look for those hosts who locate closer to your target clients. Since you have over 1GB website size, I think there would be a lot of pictures which will take time to load.

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    think that there are many web hosts that can suit your demands, but, you know, many of them are not reliable.. I changed many hosts and now I am glad to deal with pinellashosting web host.. hope they will be good for your needs.

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    Can you specify all your demands in details (RAM, bandwidth, etc.)?
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