I ordered a VPS from 2host probably about 9-10 months ago. It was set up in a reasonable timeframe and performed quite well for many months while located in the Asheville data center. Applications worked well, latency was pretty good, there were a couple of network issues (which really seems like the basis of moving to CA), but nothing really majorly affecting.

Fast forward to their move across the country..
Upon receiving notice that VPS in NC would be terminated, I created a ticket to set up my new VPS, explicitly stating to please not take down my existing one until the final cutover date. Two days later and ~7 days before the 'official' termination point, my VPS was taken offline. Awesome.

So I gave it a chance. This VPS hosts VoIP applications. The majority of our users are based on the east coast, therefore latency is a little bit of a concern, but we gave it a shot anyway. The next week or so clients continue to get randomly disconnected and/or dropped even though the application configuration is the same. A lot of clients experienced latency spikes which resulted in chopped or garbled audio. Not really acceptable.

Upon opening a ticket to address these the only response received was :
We are expanding our network in San Jose and expect to have good latency with better overall performance than Asheville.
This did not remotely address any issues specific to my inquiry.

Upon requesting account cancellation, as I had prepaid for the year in Asheville, I received the following response:
Service will be cancelled at the end of the billing cycle.
I am extremely dissatisfied that my service offering was impacted as a result of provider-wide changes without even a thought as to potential recovery of funds or any sort of customer satisfaction. Explicit requests were not honored and specific account based inquiries not directly addressed.

Would not recommend due to lackluster support as outlined.