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    Advice Needed on euk Configuration

    New to dedicated server rental, although I'm familiar with web design. Checking out eukHost for some friends who are looking to run a web business, and I come to the euk dedicated server configuration page.

    ~Under 'Configure Server' it states:

    Hostname: e.g
    NS1: e.g
    NS2: e.g

    Now, password I can obviously comprehend, but can anyone tell me what is defined by the hostname and ns1/2 categories?

    Do I need domain names to insert there? Do I choose my own name for the server? What must I do?

    Their FAQ contains no help on that particular point and I'm flummoxed about what I should be entering/what they mean in layman's terms.

    Appreciate if anyone can spell it out to me exactly what's required there.

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    if you own a domain already just put what they suggest - based on your domain. all setting can be changed after setup.

    hostname is the name of the server. DNS - you don't need dns servers for getting a server - they should assign you recursive dns for your server.

    PS: you/your friends should start reading about this stuff or get a consultant on this
    Network Consultant
    Domain Registration Services -

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    You can just enter the main domain that is going to be used for the server like, & You can change them at anytime.

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    I see. Thanks for a swift reply.

    But, for my basic knowledge base, what do they actually mean? i.e Why and for what reason does each entry need to be made?

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    Check the following links:-


    The info should give you a better idea about what they do and where you need to go to edit them.

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