Microtronix is offering 25% off your total price on backup solutions till the end of this year! That means you buy 1 month, 3 months or more and you still get this discount!

This discount is only for WHT'rs so come get it now, use the promotion code wht2011. And enter your WHT username in the field on order when it asks for username to receive this great promotion.

Below we will list our standard prices and just take 25% off of those prices.

Having 10+ years in the business we know data security and storage. Your data is treated with respect and we know how hard you work to keep it safe, we will work just as hard for you.

We keep your backup's under lock and key and have limited access to our server's at all times. Our server host only the services needed to access your data nothing more, no apache or web services are even installed on our systems to be compromised. Our servers come with full RAID support so you know your data is well taken care of.


  • $0 Setup Fee
  • Full FTP - SCP - and SFTP access
  • RSYNC Support included free!
  • SSH access to all accounts
  • Unmetered transfer of data in and out!
  • cPanel access
  • WebDAV
  • rDiff, Rsnapshot and Duplicity access


  • 10GB - 90GB = $4/m
  • 100GB - 150GB = $3.40/m

For more than 150GB please contact our sales team and we will specially quote you a price!

Geo Backups

Geo backups is our way of guaranteeing your data 100%!! We use cloud services like Google Storage and Amazon S3 in our Geo service. Once you signup for it we setup your account to auto backup every day at midnight to cloud services. So whatever is on your account is sent in that backup. If you select our Geo backup service we Guarantee your data 100%!!

Select this service at checkout for the backup service.

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