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    cPanel/WHM custom 403 page for all accounts?

    how to custom 403,404,500 page for all accounts?i want to do it on server wide by cPanel/WHM.

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    You can do this for an account from cPanel.

    cPanel >> Advanced >> Error Pages

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    i am sorry, i want to do it on server side, to all the accounts on the server not a single user?

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    In httpd.conf:
    Alias /errorfolder /usr/local/apache/errorfolder
    ErrorDocument 400 /errorfolder/400.shtml
    ErrorDocument 401 /errorfolder/401.shtml
    ErrorDocument 403 /errorfolder/403.shtml
    ErrorDocument 404 /errorfolder/404.shtml
    ErrorDocument 500 /errorfolder/500.shtml
    The above should load the relevant error page from "/usr/local/apache/errorfolder/" for every domain on the server, unless a custom one is set within an HTACCESS file. You can use whatever names/paths that you want.
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    is there a way to add the code in httpd.conf by WHM?

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    Not quite, you can configure some variables for httpd.conf from Apache Configuration but that's about it.
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