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    Xen VPS Wont boot

    Hey guy i just purchased a dedicated server and i made it a solus vm xen slave, i have everything uploaded(the ISO, template, etc) and the ip block set up but when ever i create a server it just wont boot. Can someone please help me ?

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    xm create DOMAIN; xm console DOMAIN

    Then you tell us why it doesn't boot... Don't rely on your panel, learn the underlying technology.
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    What is the drive layout? You created an empty Volume Group for solus to create vm's? - High Resource Hosting
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    Did you assign a limit to dom0's RAM? If not, Xen will assume there's no available RAM in the system 1.5GB is what we generally assign to dom0 otherwise it tends to crap itself when it creates a new VM.
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    Please help me!
    My server is installed XenServer-5.0.
    I'm using XenCenter to create a VM. I installed CentOS-5.6 by URL (h**p:// but it was error: Unable to retrieve h**p://
    I think that my problem is IP adress configuration.

    Thank you very much!

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