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    Problem Contacting To My Host

    First, i am sorry if I post this in the wrong section. This is my very first time setting up a website.

    I am trying to install a template and the error happens when I am trying to connect to the server. I get a message that reads:

    There was a problem connecting to the database server. The following error had occured:

    Access denied for user..... (using password: YES)

    Please verify the connection parameters and try again.

    I highly believe that my problem is in the "Database Server" because I really don't understand what the is. When I look it up, i keep on finding that it's a localhost, but i still don't understand exactly what that means either.

    So I was wondering if anyone could give me an example.

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    This simply means your MySQL Database username or password is incorrect (or has not been setup as of yet). If you are on cPanel, this can be setup in the MySQL Database Wizard. (Note, your MySQL username starts with your cPanel Username followed by an underscore username_database)
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    These are questions best asked of your hosting provider, who will be able to provide you specific help, look at your files/config/etc

    However the most likely causes are:
    * you've not created the db needed for your application
    * you've not created a db_user needed for the application
    * you've not set the right permissions on the db/db_user
    * you've typed the wrong server (localhost) database (as above) database_user (as above) or database_user_password into the config file for your application
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    Check your wp_config.php file and MySQL databases under Database section on your cpanel's homepage then have the post of Othellotech be your guide. Check everything on it.

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    Are you having problems contacting your hosting provider or having problems connecting to the MySQL services or both? The title doesn't seem to reflect the content of your post.
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    Welcome on the forum, hopefully you will get a good time here.

    Question; why you don't open a support ticker by your hosting company?

    I believe they can help you out
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    probably meant "problem connecting to my (local)host" ?
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    You need to edit the file that has your database info.
    When you enter your database information make sure you use the full database name like username_mydatabase

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    Have you already contacted your hosting provider for assistance?
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    As mentioned earlier this error is due to incorrect database configuration or corrupt database. You can contact a freelancer and confirm if the database and database username details are provided correctly in the configuration files and do a repair if the tables are found corrupt.

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    I have faced the same error during the installation of Livezilla to my site. But when I changed the permission for the livezilla folder(755) and manually created SQL database in my cPanel it go through without any issues.

    I have entered the following details:

    type: MySQL
    host: localhost
    User: yourcpuser_dbuser
    password: ******
    Name: yourcpuser_dbname
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    The thread's title is a bit confusing as it's not related to the post's content.

    Well, as others have said, it looks like you didn't set your mysql configuration properly - commonly the MySQL service is installed on the same host server, so it will be using 'localhost' for the hostname.

    If you still having problem with that, please try to submit a ticket or contact your hosting provider and ask them to check your MySQL connection settings.
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    you have to contact to you server administrator he's only person who can solve your problem hope you understand Best Regards.

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