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    enotch vs colo

    Both are located on the US east and their colo offers are pretty similar:


    - 100Mbps switch port
    - 10Mbps bandwidth burstable to 100Mbps.
    $59.95 monthly
    $100.00 setup fee

    additional info (extract form quote)
    test IP:

    Our standard bandwidth blend consists of Level 3, Hurricane Electric and Cogent with additional carriers available based on customer requirements.

    We can provide Global Crossing, Tinet and others in a "blend" our premium network for 20.00 per Mbps ~50 Mbps and under and 13Mbps on a 100Mbps commitment.

    Bandwidth: 5000GB/MONTH
    Port: 10/100MBPS SWITCHED VLAN
    DDOS Protection: CISCO™ GUARD

    So if you've had experience with any or both of them can you compare them in terms of support, bandwidth quality. and overall, which one would you choose?

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    No one hre used colocation?!

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