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    Form if yes redirect if no redirect

    I want a form to have 2 options.

    Have you read Tos?
    Option 1: Yes - if okay redirect to shop.
    Option 2: No - if okay redirect to tos.

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    That is very vague.

    You could use a drop down menu, but "Yes" or "No" is generally more user friendly :

    PHP Code:
    <h1>Have you read Tos?</h1>
    h2><a href='shop.html'>Yes</a> or <a href='TOS.html'>No</a></h2
    Note that you could just as well drop a cookie on visitor's machine when he visits your TOS and then verify, on your index/shop page, whether the cookie exists or not.
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    This will be a very basic script, so please use proper security measures if you implement this...

    HTML snippet:

    <form action="" method="post">
    <!-- form options -->
    <input type="radio" name="tos_check" value="yes" /> I have read the TOS<br />
    <input type="radio" name="tos_check" value="no" /> I have not read the TOS

    PHP snippet:


    // rest of script

    if ($_POST['tos_check'] == 'yes') {
    header('Location: /shop');
    } elseif ($_POST['tos_check'] == 'no') {
    header('Location: /terms');

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    Or use a simple checkbox instead. Unchecked by default. Cleanest option.

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    a check box and a javascript will do..

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