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    Looking for assistance with Cabletron MMAC-M3FNB Multimedia Access Center

    Hello everyone,

    I was brought a Cabletron MMAC-M3FNB Multimedia Access Center (PDF manual attached) and inside the middle tray are 12ish 2mb sticks of RAM that are working. The client wants to get the middle tray out so two of these sticks of ram can be replaced (Seems hes a collector of some sort and wants a functioning system)

    The knurled nobs / thumb screws have been removed but we are unable to get the middle tray removed. It is supposed to slide out but simply wont and is attached to another interface in the back that is attached to the machine.

    Any suggestions to get this middle tray out? We do not wish to pull on it harder then we have so it does not break.

    This picture shows a slightly different version but hopefully being able to see it will help:

    Attached is the PDF manual.
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    This might be better off in the computer help or co-location section. I will report it.

    I was hoping someone had used these a long time ago and if this was known issue since there pretty much is not much documentation on issues with the product/

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