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    EZPZ Hosting

    Well it's been a very long time since I last wrote a review on EZPZ Hosting and I think it's about time I did another.

    I've been with EZPZ Hosting for a couple of years now with many different websites and I have stood by them since I first joined.

    I think EZPZ hosting's prices are easily affordable and they offer features every other host does, however they also include a free domain with every package you order (probably the reason I have had so many websites with them!

    Very easy to order with EZPZ, and instantly setup upon payment of the invoice.

    Now I have had my fair share of problems, and not all are EZPZ's fault. I have installed third party scripts that I seem to get errors with, or scripts that for some reason won't install. I have put in support tickets and they either go into my account and sort it for me or tell me the reason why it doesn't work and how to fix it.

    I have had about a day of downtime the last few months due to someone attacking the server I was on, but they quickly changed IP and resolved the situation. They also credited me with one month free hosting, but been as I had already paid for a year in advance I asked for my addon '1 extra domain' to be credited instead. They credited me for two months with my extra domain and also included one free month on the end of my hosting.

    They are always friendly, and my ticket normally gets answered within half an hour, sometimes a lot quicker.


    Now I think that the server speed is very quick, try for yourself: (my website). I haven't had any problems with my websites speed.

    I know it sounds like I work for EZPZ, but i'm not and I can probably provide about 10 different domain names that I once hosted with EZPZ over the past few years (you can also search my posts here to find my various websites lol).

    In my own personal opinion I think EZPZ are worth every penny I have spent. And if your looking for a reliable, affordable UK / US host then just give EZPZ a thought.

    Sorry if I have gone on a bit, but EZPZ - A+++

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    Nice review, Dan is a good guy who runs a tight ship over at EZPZ

    Gald hes keeping you happy and best of all providing the service which you happen to love

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    Great review and awesome work EZPZ.
    Brook Hollow Brands

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