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    A good article indeed - the points are still quite valid!

    Just how fast do you want it?? -- I am on a 450Mhz AMD and unless i have many things running,my ram is used up,etc its plenty fast for me!!

    I dont see the desire for faster and faster stuff,does anyone else?

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    If all you use your computer for is surfing the web and sending emails then that specification is fine.

    however alot of people have multimedia machines now which is the reason why.

    alot of people do work on that require specific deadline times, so they can't really use machines where you turn it on go make a cup of tea, drink it and find ur still in POST.

    my old 20mb 233 was like that.

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    That thing is a dinosaur, recycle it and join the real world.
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    because people value their time more

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    Its kind of a combination of everything.
    people want to see better games, nicer looking webpages be able to download songs, music, audio faster. Also alot of people get very annoyed when something doesnt click-work instead of click...-click...-click...-click-work.

    I would be happy with a 2.0 ghz p4 with 1 gb ram if websites games and even ms office(which i dont have) didnt need retardedly high processing power because its designed badly.

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    Its really a nice article about CPU speed. Intel makes really efficient processors which do a lot help in doing multimedia work and advanced computing.

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    just to stop time wasting in watching your contents to open we want faster and fastest as the worlds is running like a rocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by humawebdesign View Post
    just to stop time wasting in watching your contents to open we want faster and fastest as the worlds is running like a rocket.
    Agree with you.

    1 year ago I use 5kbps GPRS Internet and 10mb download/upload take more then 20 - 30 minute.
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    I think its all depend on your use if you are running heavy software then you need faster and for your personal or home use u didnt want fast computer... nice Artical

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickia View Post
    because people value their time more
    Its a good point, I do a lot of 3d rendering but not enough to justify a render farm. Rendering is slow and its time that could be spent modeling so time is money.

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    I do a lot of multimedia work myself, Photoshop and video editing and the like. Those programs are a little meaty, so I need a faster computer, but it's still not "top of the line".

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    To be up to date, you need the latest version of office. To use the latest version of office (and have a good experience), you need at least a decent computer..

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    Desktop speed has reached to a point where most users will be satisfied with. The race now is on mobile processors.

    But recently I had the need of a 8GB and fast desktop processor to run some number crunching programs, and I did not want to wait over night to see the results.

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