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    Linux and Window Hosting

    What are the differences between Linux and Window hosting? Which one should I select if I want to host my website or blog? What are the advantages of Linux over Window? Beside these two, is there any other type of hosting?

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    Many of the more common software are developed for Linux. When it comes to web hosting, here's the rule of thumb I tell my clients.

    Unless you specifically need Windows, go with a linux provider.

    Most providers, unless specified are on linux platforms.

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    Linux is cheaper for the end-user and the better choice for the vast majority of modern day web use.

    As mentioned above, you would only want to use Windows if you have a Windows specific App or script. However even then, I would suggest finding a Linux equivalent.
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    Unless your site is going to be coded as ASP, I'd recommend that you look for a linux hosting provider - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    majorities of the forums are developed in linux platform, depends on the sort of script you are using, but i will recommend linux

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