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    Need advice on webhosting for email servers

    Hello All,

    I am planning on setting up an internet service which will ONLY offer mail server capabilities to companies. It will allow them to do email campaigns and pretty much that's it. So... I am familiar with Linux and pretty good with installing software, etc., but hardware, system setup is not my strong suite although I'm a fast study.

    My questions are this: What would be the best route for me to take?

    Have my own dedicated servers in my own office with a fast connection to the internet built from the ground up with linux and cpanel?

    Some type of virtualization setup although I'm not 100% clear on exactly what that is.

    Of course my really big question is: if I get individual static IPs for each customer (so their email campaign reputation does not influence other email campaign operators on the same network) how exactly do I allocate those external (not internal) static ips to each user? Is it done through virutalizing the network interface?

    Any help or suggestions greatly appreciates.


    And Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers who are also web hosting gurus!

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    First off, having the server physically located in your office is a terrible idea. You want to make sure any server, especially email, has high uptime and availability. You want to host it out of an actual datacenter with decent bandwidth providers other than your local ISP.

    You could either rent a dedicated server, or build one yourself and colo it.

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    Thanks! I needed that confirmed. I figured I didn't have the (mental) bandwidth to do what others' do professionally 24/7.

    Now onto the other questions:

    What is the best software/method to use assuming I colo or have a dedicated to make sure each customer has their OWN dedicated IP address?

    I would rather somewhat automate that process rather than each time configuring network cards, etc.

    Any suggestions on colo locations and/or minimum hardware I should request?


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