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    * Website & ECommerce Job

    Hi all,
    I have a small project that requires a website & estore. I'm looking for an individual artist, not interested in companies.

    This project requires a simple website to showcase the company along with an estore.
    A simple CMS for the main site is fine... perhaps WordPress.
    The estore needs to have the ability to made private, so only registered users can view products. All payments will be processed offline so no need for payment gateways.

    Ideally both backends(for CMS & estore) would be intergrated into one, however this is not required.
    AJAX intergration preferred by not required,

    You will be responsible for designing a clean & creative design for both the estore and main site. We will provide a colour scheme and logo.
    You ARE welcome to use a template, though be sure to inform us when doing so.

    You also need to have a working demo online so we can review it as you work, making changes along the way. We can provide hosting if required.

    You should also be avalible after the project is completed for any future enquiries we have.

    You should be able to provide an ETA.

    We may also have more work for you with future projects if interested.

    When you contact me please include the following;
    -Total Price
    -Scripts you'll be using
    -Your country (so we can determine timezone differences)
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