I am looking for job that can keep me engaged.

Looking for L2/L3 jobs.

Re-implemented the global dns/ldap setup for higher availability. Used keepalived for auto-failover
High performance computing, benchmarking, and kernel tuning. Constant review of upstream kernel activity
Maintenance and engineering on a from scratch Linux distribution in support of high volume electronic trading
Authored many internal tools and django web dashboards. Used a mix of python, perl, and jQuery / Javascript
Rolled out a completely new monitoring system based on ZenOSS. Lots of custom integration using xmlrpc and python
NetApp Filer Storage and NAS administration. NFS configuration and ongoing maintenance
Perl archive encryption script supporting key rotation and key retrieval from Ingrian Datasecure
Initial setup of OpenLDAP to centralize network device authentication. Also looked into RSA products
RPM package creation for Ticketmaster proprietary software. Redhat Package Manager spec file creation
Advised on best practices and spearheaded an upgrade project from older linux distributions to CentOS/RHEL5

[QUOTEVulnerability scanning and network penetration testing of customer facing applications
Proactive hardening of SLES9, Novell OES9 Linux and HP-UX 11i Unix servers. Ongoing evaluation
Re-wrote the web server standard from scratch after and existing infrastructure security review
Customized and branded Perl open source web metrics reporting software for intranet usage statistics
Moved internet facing IIS servers internally and fronted them with the more secure Apache using mod_proxy

Expected salary $1000 per month.

Availabilty: Any time-zone for 10 hours per day.