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    Resellerclub frustrations

    Is anyone else having problems with resellerclub?

    They seem to have literally put a moron in charge of their product strategy lately.

    They have been deprecating old products like mad without proper notice, holding timewasting webinars for new products that don't work or don't work well anyway and now, to make things worse, support doesn't even reply anymore!

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    The best thing they can do, in my opinion, is to drop everything except digital certificates and domains for which their pricing is the best I can find so far (if anyone knows of better, please let me know). They obviously are too incompetent to execute hosting and site builder plans and this is going to hurt their brand long term.

    My main worry is that their risking wasted effort on these other areas is going to hurt their core business.

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    I recommend looking into OpenSRS, never been a big fan of ResellerClub. What services are you currently reselling through resellerclub?
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    We only use them for Domains & Certs. Yesterday they suffered a DDoS to their NS/DNS from China, they did rectify it quite promply.

    We can't really fault them.
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    Domains and certs for me too. I tried out their hosting with a couple of customers, but had to move them to my regular service. Their hosting was oversold, prone to outages and very slow.

    Service on those two items has been OK. Their support chat is usually pretty responsive. I had to engage them recently on a DNS update issue, and they had it fixed in about 15 minutes.

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    When it comes to ResellerClub, the only thing which is good there is their Domain and SSL. However, I have never seem to like selling Thawte SSL anyways. So I've never had them with me at all. Only that I use from Reseller Club is their Domains.

    OpenSRS is good but their prices are very stupid. When I can register a domain at $8.XX per domain, why would I want to pay them more than $10 per domain? I must be out of my mind to use them.

    Have tried ResellerClub hosting once, will never go back there again. That's when they started it and they offered a free month or something like that. Can't really remember.
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    I am damn frustrated with their recent product changes

    Hi all,

    I have been using ResellerClub from last one year, back then they had they had only one plan "Unlimited hosting plan" we used to sell plans woth 60% margin.

    From few months back they started plans system, but I am finding it difficult to make good profit using those plans. Most importantly the sample plan which i earlier used sale I make only profit on 20% now as they have increased the cost for the same.

    Lowest plan of 1GB that i have now is still of INR 1900 Rs, and i find many players still selling the similar plans at very low rates.

    Any other good option for reseller hosting ?
    Best Regards

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    iv used them in the past but to be honest they were next to useless

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    any suggestion from your side as an alternative for resellerclub ?

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    Any other host out there who is doing Web Hosting instead of Domain Registration is definitely a better alternative as compared to ResellerClub.
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    Never been a fan of reseller club too, they were not really that great

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    What are some of the products that they are doing webinars for that don't work? Doing webinars for products is great. It would be helpful to know what the products are.
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