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    Question VPS control via virtuozzo

    I've just decided to take a VPS for my websites, so I'm digging this forum for offers and opinions about the most popular companies.

    I have a better understanding of the subject now, but I'm still wondering about how to manage a (virtual) server via virtuozzo.

    I've found a demo online and it seems the only way to access the server is a SSH shell. Can you confirm that?

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    You can do certain functions in Virtuozzo's power panel, but the command line is the standard way of accessing any VPS unless you have a control panel such as cPanel installed.

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    got it, thanks for the quick reply!

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    Another way to think about it is that the Virtuozzo power panel handles everything on the "outside" of the box - rebooting, reimaging, etc.

    cpanel handles things "inside" the box - services, accounts, etc.

    That's not totally accurate because you can manage some system services with the virtuozzo panel, but you get the idea.
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    yeah, after playing with another demo for a while I totally got what you can do with it.

    One more question, I noticed that usually companies give you webmin as basic panel if you don't opt for cpanel or similar.
    Should I assume webmin is always available on VPS plans even if it's not stated amongst the main features?

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    Quote Originally Posted by m3xican View Post
    Should I assume webmin is always available on VPS plans even if it's not stated amongst the main features?
    No, contact the company you are about to purchase from if a feature you are looking for is not listed. It will save you a lot of trouble in the long run as some companies do offer VPS's with bare installs. Unless you are willing to install the control panel yourself.

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