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    * ServerBeach: Switch! Get 30% off any plan when you Switch from your current host

    Thinking of switching from your current host? Well, grab your sandals and come on over to the Beach!

    Choose any server from our list and we'll give you 30% off any new plan, it's that simple.

    All servers are Intel based, and range from a single core all the way to 2x Quad-Core. Minimum 2GB RAM & 1TB bandwidth up to 6GB RAM with 2.5TB bandwidth. You also get to choose which of our multiple locations is best for you, knowing that our super low latency OC-192 Backbone Network will take care of connecting you to the internet at large.

    Backed by 24x7x365 on site support and one of the brightest NOCs in the business, why not Switch to ServerBeach today?

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    How do we claim the discount? Is the discount recurring or for the first month only? Does the discount also include the added extras like OS, bandwidth upgrade, etc.?

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    Hi Lyew,

    The discount is ongoing and will cover 30% across the board of your plan.

    You can claim it by calling 1-888-840-9091 - you just need to provide a copy of an invoice from your current provider.

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