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    What are the choices in web hosting?

    Does anyone know what are the main choices?

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    I think more information would be helpful. Are you looking for a shared account? A VPS or Dedicated server? Are you location specific? How about traffic and disc space? What is your budget? This will be helpful as well as checking out the offers section on the forums here

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    Quote Originally Posted by inpursuit25 View Post
    Does anyone know what are the main choices?
    I break them down this way: shared, semi-dedicated, VPS and dedicated.

    Shared (least expensive, easiest to use):
    your site is placed on a server with other sites, often hundreds or thousands of other sites.
    Pros: The host maintains the server, taking care of the details behind the scene, so you can focus on managing your web site. The cost is lower.
    Cons: You can end up on a crowded server, and your web site performance can suffer. Black lists will list the server's IP address, so your site could end up on a black list because of what a neighbor site does.
    Best for: Personal sites, small business sites with low traffic.

    Semi-Dedicated (inexpensive, easy to use, less crowded): This is a shared server with fewer accounts. Often the host promises that only a certain number of accounts are on the server, from 25 to 50, lessening the chance that a bad neighbor site will slow the server down. This has many of the same pros and cons of shared hosting, but often adds better performance for busier sites.
    Best for:Busy forums, small business sites, higher traffic sites.

    VPS: A "virtual private server" divides a server up into "virtual servers", giving each client a slice of the server with dedicated resources. These are sold in at least two categories, "managed" and "un-managed". A managed VPS works more like a shared or semi-dedicated account, where the web host takes care of the server details. An un-managed VPS requires you to take care of your virtual server, and requires some expertise.
    Pros: You get your own IP addresses, not shared with anyone else, so there is no "black list" issue. The dedicated resources often mean that your site performance is enhanced, but this is not guaranteed (VPS can be "oversold and crowded" as well as shared hosting accounts). You have greater control over how the software that runs your slice of the server is configured.
    Cons: Cost for a managed VPS can be ten times that of a shared account. While the cost of an un-managed VPS is closer to that of a shared account, it requires a lot of expertise to manage.

    Dedicated Server: Dedicated servers are also sold in at least two categories, managed and un-managed, and they have many of the same pros and cons of a VPS. They do not suffer from the problem shared solutions have where a neighbor site can cause a problem for your site. Cost is higher.

    Within each basic category there are hosts that cater to specific markets, such as blog hosting, small business, non-profits, HOAs, etc.

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    I would be categorized web hosting choices in three categories:
    1. Shared Hosting
    2. VPS Hosting
    3. Dedicated Hosting.

    VPS also can be divided in Manage and unmanaged vps hosting.

    Besides it other web hosting choice may be on the basis of requirements means space, bandwidth, location, Windows hosting, Linux hosting etc.

    Thanks fshagan for your detailed info.

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    it all depends on what sort of hosting you are looking for

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    What will you be hosting? What kind of traffic will you be getting?

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    For me, it depends on my budget, what kind of sites will i put in there and some more specs that i need for my sites.

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    Whatever the type of hosting be, the support should be perfect and they should be able to resolve the issues!

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