Hi there,

We are pretty new to providing hosting services. But a few customers are asking after cloud storage possibilities.

We use VMs IaaS from a well known provider and want to build a virtuals storage management server on top of that.

But I have been looking for a good control panel to use for the management of the virtual volumes, protocols and users for a week. No luck.

There are quite a few storage control panels that aim at creating storage redundancy. But we don't need that because the VM is already redundant.
On the other hand there are nice control panels, like Plesk etc, but it seems that they don't have many storage configuration options. Sometimes you'll find webdav, but that's it.

I hope some of you could point me in the right direction.
The control panel solution we are thinking off should have a GUI as our non-techies need to manage storage (create an account, manage volume size, create and manage users and switch protocols like webdav, cifs, ftp etc on and off).

Nice to haves would be the possibility for customer to choose their backup scheme and manage their own users.

I have seen a system like that with the Strato HiDrive product. But I'm affraid that they have it custom build.

Anyone any options? Help would be very appreciated as this search drives me:

Thanks, Tim