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    URL Shortener with Powerful Features (A REAL Clone)

    Ever noticed how just about everyone is starting to use a URL Shortener, even for simple links? noticed this trend and released a website and not only make BIG MONEY doing so, but also help their publishers make tons of money as well! Its like providing jobs to the thousands of potential publishers signing up for your site - the more you hire, the more you earn!

    So why wait?! Start your own business while you still have the chance! All the smart people are investing in similar businesses because they know the chances for success are high!

    This script was programmed from scratch.
    It's using jQuery and simple plugins. Uses MaxMind GeoIP system for accurate user tracking. The script is very
    lightweight in terms of space. Uses one simple file that contains the template. Rewrites URLs
    using .htaccess.


    * Content Management System
    * Two accounts types: Shrinkers and Publishers
    * Powerful Admin Control Center
    * Visual graphs
    * Extended Statistics
    * GeoIP based trackers
    * Protection system
    * PayPal IPN
    * AJAX powered features
    * Javascript page filterer
    * Several tools for Shrinkers
    * Easy to use and sleek interface
    * MANY MORE!


    Username: shrinker [OR] [email protected]
    Password: demo123

    Username: advertiser [OR] [email protected]
    Password: demo123


    Username: admin
    Password: demo

    Price: $99

    Buyout price: $600 (all reseller rights)
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    Please contact with me. I wanna buy your scripts.

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    need it ! can u tell me plz
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    Contacted both of you
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    payment done ok
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    Script will be sent in 1-2 hours when I get back on my home PC
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    Script sent
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    hey PM me the details!
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    I'm interested in your script and I'd to buy it.

    Is it possible to change countries in city and states of a single country (for ex. Italy) and change usd in eur?

    Please contact me at pandosia(at)

    Thanks for your attention

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    email sent
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    Thumbs up I want to buy

    please contact me.

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    please contact me.


    deal done
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    Quote Originally Posted by tzman View Post

    deal done
    I have been installed to my hosting,
    please check your mail, I was send to let't you know.

    thank you for best support and best script.
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    I replied on your email
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    Moderators - Please close this thread
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