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    I have been all through the my server and have a support ticket in right now but wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem or could look at their setup.

    When I create a new account, the site shows the contents of the site. There is no index.html. Where my templates are stored, the index.html file shows user/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi making me think it should put a cgi file into the cgi folder of the created account, and there is not. root/public-html/cgi-sys is also empty. If I were to put a index.html file in root/public-html/ it would get installed with the new site, but to me even tho it is a fix, it isn't telling me where the missing file is.

    I have a VPS which uses SolusVM, WHM/Cpanel which I just made sure was up to date and it is. If I suspend a test account, it shows the suspended account page.

    Any insight would be really helpful. Even tho I have managed vps, I still like to try to fix things when I can.

    Thanks for any help, it is greatly appreciated.

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    Ok I got it figured out! Need a .htaccess file in the skeleton directory which has the following line:

    RedirectMatch .* /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

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    Thanks for sharing the info with us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cptechie View Post

    Thanks for sharing the info with us.
    You are welcome. Actually a better fix is to create an index.html file with the following code:

    <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi">

    Then place that into the skeleton directory and problem solved.

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    Okay ! Will try it out.
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