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    how they do that ?

    1 thing is stuck in my mind is that i know that to store all the info on welcome page we have to create a table in mysql with name of welcome to store the stuff of our users ...but sites like faceboook and twitter they save the status and pics and whatever hapenning around the site , is that for each thing they create a saperate table in my sql for eg : for storing status they create a table like create status (....); and for pics create pics();
    or its just some thing else i had google it but fail to get this info can any one explain me how it works ! thanks folks if any one attempt to do so !

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    I believe they use a function to call each table if user is set to = user by using cookies/session (Common thing).
    Each value has it's own table/sub DB. For example = etc.
    Basically you can almost compare it like this. A Forum thread is someones "wall" and each post in that thread is a wall post. If you think of it's quite the same.

    This isn't the forum for questions like this. I suggest you google php/mysql I won't post any links since it might be against the regulations of this forum.

    To tired for this... back to work
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    I know that facebook has support forum for developers and I suppose you can do some search there for the solution you are interested in.

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