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    Thumbs down What the [problem] with ServerFFS?

    I used the ServerFFS services for two years, I was paying approximatiely 50 to 60 euros each month.

    Their services were good, however it looks like they want to piss me off. Two weeks ago I opened 2 support tickets, NONE were answered.

    The first was about one of my services that was going to expire and that I was not able to renew as they do not give me the option to do so. The second was almost for the same issue than the first ticket.

    Am I the only client without any support from ServerFFS? Are they dead? What can I do?

    I dont think I will renew any of their services if the situation do not get better.

    I want some support FFS!
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    They finally replied to my ticket, this issue is solved.

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    so apart from this your happy with their service?

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    Shouldn't take 2 weeks, let alone 2 hours in that field, they have to look deeply into their customer service department.
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    I actually purchased a service from them also opened a support ticket that still has never been responded too, but I did get an email asking for positive reviews of their services!...

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    Quote Originally Posted by crimsongreen View Post
    so apart from this your happy with their service?
    Their servers are (usually) stables. Their support was pretty good some months ago but the quality decreased in the last months.

    Maybe it's because I asked questions that require someone high up in their organisation.

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    I took a look at them a long time ago.I like their control panel and their website however was never able to test the service or support.

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    They're as slow as it gets with support, no idea if anything changed now, stopped my services with them ever since last year, someone as rude as this company's owner doesn't deserve my money at all.

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    They're slow because they have a tonload of customers & not enough employees, and in some cases its cheaper buying yourself a dedicated machine rather than getting a big amount of slots at serverFFS.

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