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    * Thief’s Cell Phone Pocket-Dials 911

    Karma's a Bitch isn't it?!5798913/thiefs-...cket+dials-911

    A man driving around in a Kia Sportage "full of tools stolen from a business" and discussing plans for a future heist with accomplices accidentally pocket-dialed 911 on his phone, allowing the police to listen in and, eventually, arrest him.

    The Onondaga County, N.Y. Sheriff's Office were, in fact, already looking for a suspect in the robbery when the cell phone decided to turn in its owner; the dispatcher, realizing what was going on, "relayed the conversation to deputies," and soon a sheriff's deputy pulled over the Sportage. The call was still connected when the deputy asked for license and registration.

    Which means, among other things: Trend alert! Last week, a house called 911 for help; so we're only one more allegedly-accidental-but-actually-quite-helpful emergency services call away from there being a "thing." Also, there is a lesson here—turn off your phone when you are planning a robbery.
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    nice one

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    turn off your phone when you are planning a robbery.
    I will keep that in mind.
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    Nice story. Still, I would hate to have been the deputy approaching that vehicle.

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    I dont like Thieves @ all!!!!!!!

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    I could bet that cell phone is an iPhone 4.
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    Bad luck of those thieves and what else we could say

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